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Welcome to Shouk Israeli Food Truck!

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Welcome to SHOUK, The Israeli street food truck.

Rooted in the depth of authentic Israeli street food cuisine, our food truck stands as a testament to our values of generosity, sustainability, kindness and community connection. Our participative spirit thrives on positive communication and teamwork, sprinkling joy in every interaction.

Await a meticulously crafted menu, drawn directly from the vibrant heart of Israeli street food whilst staying committed to using fresh, local ingredients. Each dish tells a story of our shared cultural heritage, vibrant in its tradition.

Here at SHOUK, we believe our connection extends beyond merely serving you fantastic food. We seek to form a community, indulging in shared experiences, cherishing traditional flavours, and supporting local businesses. While delighting in our vibrant Israeli flavours.

Ilan found himself drawn to his love for street food cooking and his dream of bringing his homelandโ€™s culinary treasure to Wellington. Together with his wife, Shavit and daughter, Hagar, they infused their unwavering passion into SHOUK, whisking up authentic Israeli flavours in the heart of Wellington.

We are not just about the food; we serve stories, smiles, and comfort wrapped in the scent of the Mediterranean, in the heart of Wellington, one delicious bite at a time.

What our customers say…

“Seriously up there with one of the best falafels weโ€™ve eaten. A great a little edition to Wellington, definitely worth checking out. Super friendly people too, thank you!”

Joshua Newman

“Shouk is the best falafel in New Zealand! If you’re in Wellington, you need to check it out!”

Cary Walkin

We are travelers who are very picky about food in different cities and countries. We walked by Shouk and decided we would give it a try. My wife selected the Falafel salad while I selected the meat synia. Plus a fresh lemon juice. We sat across the walk and were called over a few minutes later. I was blown away by the freshness taste and portion. My wife’s salad was equally delicious. A must try

Joe Parsons